Cultural Competency Program
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In today's evolving society, the ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds is essential to organizational success. Cook Ross Inc's Cultural Competency Program is a six month program which includes multiple learning events and activities (face to face, virtual, and self-paced). This blended learning opportunity will investigate cultural background and patterning as well as the relationship to their unconscious mind. Participants will develop relationships, team dynamics, and overall organization effectiveness.

Who Should Attend?

Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners, Human Resource Personnel, Organization Development and I/O Psychology Practitioners, Coaches, Counselors, Educators, Heads of Departments/Divisions and or Executives - Individuals who are interested in developing a better understanding of themselves, their cultural background, and how they can more effectively communicate both within and outside their organization.

Learning Objectives 

  • Increase awareness of your own cultural background for authentic interactions in the workplace
  • Reveal unconscious biased behaviors
  • Develop understanding of others' cultures in order to impact sales, marketing, talent management, clinical outcomes, and customer service
  • Improve cross-cultural communication to clients, customers, and co-workers
  • Create business transformation' improve relationships, team dynamics, and organizational effectiveness through challenging and interrupting our conscious and unconscious biases
  • Apply new strategies and tools to foster effective intercultural interactions


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