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Everyone has bias. It's just part of our human nature, a survival mechanism. Do you fully understand the impact of Unconscious Bias on your professional and personal effectiveness? In this interactive one-day workshop you will explore how your assumptions impact choices around communication, innovation, hiring, engagement, management, promotion, marketing, and building organizational culture. Register today to take a huge step on your journey toward developing a deeper capacity to identify invisible assumptions and concealed patterns of thinking. Learn more: http://www.cookross.com/ebw/index.html 

Who Should Attend?

Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners, Human Resource Personnel, Organization Development and I/O Psychology Practitioners, Coaches, Counselors, Educators, Heads of Departments/Divisions, and Executives - Individuals who are interested in developing a better understanding of themselves, their decision-making approach, and what makes them and their organization "tick".

Learning Objectives 

  • Recognize the business case for a reinvented approach to diversity and inclusion so that you can identify and address these concerns in your own organization
  • Become aware of your own perceptions so you can convert that awareness into constructive behavior
  • Understand the science, research, and impact of Unconscious Bias so you can be more conscious in your decision making
  • Explore the way the mind perceives difference and how that perception impacts business so that you can use it to enhance engagement, innovation, and collaboration in your organization
  • Identify business situations where biases may exist so you can address biases in those situations
  • Practice new strategies to recognize and mitigate bias so you can cultivate skills to affect change in decision-making, evaluation, and interpersonal and group interactions
  • Create individual action plans to move toward inclusion within your sphere of influence, particularly regarding relationships with direct reports, teams, managers and internal/external clients


Event Logistics


May 9, 2017
September 8, 2017
November 15, 2017


Cook Ross Inc. Headquarters
8515 Georgia Ave, Suite 800
Silver Spring, MD 20910


One Day: 9am-5:00pm


$825 Individual Rate*


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*Individuals from the same organization are eligible for Group Pricing. Contact natanya.khashan@cookross.com or 301.329.2885 for more information.

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