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Do you sometimes find there is an uncomfortable, unspoken tension in relationships between women of different races and other identities/intersectionalities? Do you have a longing to be more connected and have more authentic and personal relationships across these differences? Join Leslie Traub and Rosalyn Taylor O'Neale as they lead a meaningful exploration into the dynamics of cross-race relationships among women, constructing a path towards individual and collective wholeness and collaboration.


Women's relationships across race can be challenged by the vestiges of our collective histories. We all have blind spots and can be defensive in our relationships with each other. The ensuing gaps mean the corporate women's empowerment and leadership development efforts of the last 40 years benefit mostly white women, though not through intent of exclusion. This can leave women in fear of, and suspicious of, each other across groups. In spite of our strong longing to be connected and to feel seen and known by each other, as women we don't take the personal and courageous actions to achieve authenticity and vulnerability in these relationships.


This course will highlight some of the historical challenges between white women and women of color, how to more effectively approach each other, and what to do and not do in establishing ally-ship.


Who Should Attend:

Women who strive to better understand themselves and the dynamics of their relationships across group identity, are willing to be vulnerable and courageous in speaking their truths, and willing to do the personal work required to have meaningful ally-ship across identity.


Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Immersion into the lived experiences of white women and women of color
  • Identify places of misconception and projection between ethnic and identity group, its impact, and genesis 
  • Examine and expose the background conversations of development as white women or as women of color 
  • Develop the capacity for, and practice, courageous conversations where the commitment to the relationship is bigger than the commitment to one’s comfort 
  • Learn to use our authenticity and vulnerability to make clear requests of each other 
  • Explore the dynamics of ally-ship between dominant and non-dominant group members to establish a powerful model for mutual support
  • Cultivate a deep experience of mutual connection and appreciation




Event Logistics


October 4-5, 2017






October 4, 2017 – 9:00am -6pm, there will be an opportunity for an evening event on day 1

October 5, 2017– 9:00am-4pm


 $1750 per person, including breakfast, lunch, and materials


Register before August 20 for $1,550 (get $200 off each additional person for groups over 3 people)





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